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During this global pandemic, we want to (virtually) gather together for community, study, and join our voices together in prayer for our community, county, and world.

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SERMON 5.24.20

Come Thou Almighty King


Come Thou Almighty King, help us Thy name to sing 

Help us to praise 

Father all glorious, O’er all victorious 

Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days

Come Thou Incarnate Word, gird on Thy mighty sword 

Our prayer attend 

Come and Thy people bless, and give Thy Word success 

Spirit of holiness on us descend


Come Holy Comforter, Thy sacred witness bear 

In this glad hour 

Thou who almighty art, now rule in ev'ry heart 

And ne'er from us depart, Spirit of pow'r

To Thee great One in Three, eternal praises be 

Hence evermore 

Thy sov'reign majesty, may we in glory see 

And to eternity, love and adore



Your Grace is Enough


Great is Your faithfulness oh God 

You wrestle with the sinner’s heart 

You lead us by still waters and to mercy 

And nothing can keep us apart


So remember Your people 

Remember Your children 

Remember Your promise, oh God


Your grace is enough 

Your grace is enough 

Your grace is enough, for me

Great is Your love and justice God 

You use the weak to lead the strong 

You lead us in the song of Your salvation 

And all Your people sing along




My hope is built on nothing less 

Than Jesus' blood and righteousness 

I dare not trust the sweetest frame 

But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name 


Christ alone cornerstone 

Weak made strong in the Saviour's love 

Through the storm He is Lord 

Lord of all


When darkness seems to hide His face 

I rest on His unchanging grace  

In every high and stormy gale 

My anchor holds within the veil 

My anchor holds within the veil


When He shall come with trumpet sound 

Oh may I then in Him be found 

Dressed in His righteousness alone 

Faultless stand before the throne

SERMON 5.18.20

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